Pulstar becomes Tallysman Distributor

Posted on December 2016

Pete Magnuson, president of Pulstar, announced today that Pulstar has added the family of Tallysman GPS/GNSS antennas and receivers to its product portfolio. Tallysman, based in Ottawa Canada is a developer, provider and manufacturer of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) antennas and related products as well as GPS fleet management solutions for two way radio systems.

Tallysman’s Accutenna® technology has proven its ability to provide superior multi-path signal rejection thereby providing un-matched precision for its size and price. Accutenna® technology:
• Employs Tallysman’s unique dual feed patch technology
• Provides truly circular response over the entire antenna bandwidth
• Provides superior rejection of multi-path and cross polarized signals
• Offers pre-filtering option to provide additional protection from near band signals
• Is available for only GPS L1 coverage or multi-constellational coverage (GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, and Galileo)

Tallysman’s VeraPhase® technology introduces new patented technology which provides a high gain and low loss antenna with extremely low axial ratios through all elevations and azimuth angles across all frequencies. It ensures an excellent front back ratio and a low roll off to keep a fair amount of gain at horizon for low elevation tracking. It also provides millimeter level PCV through all elevations and azimuth angles across all frequencies. The Phase Centre Offset is virtually identical for all GNSS frequencies. In brief, this technology rivals all other geodetic and reference antennas in the market.

With the addition of the Tallysman product line Pulstar broadens its offerings for its customers seeking solutions for asset tracking and surveillance, sports performance, precision agriculture, fleet tracking, Marine navigation and other location based applications. For more information please contact Pulstar. You can also view the Tallysman product line here:


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