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Pulse Larsen Introduces Rugged and Customized Multi-Band Antennas

Posted on July 2018

Whether your need is for antennas for utility trucks, public safety, agricultural or recreational vehicles, public transportation or remote monitoring and control, Pulse Larsen has your multi-band solution. For precise navigation our GNSS solutions cover satellite navigation types around the World, for best cellular communication we cover 2G to 5G frequencies including LTE MiMo, and for fast speeds, we have dual WiFi and MiMo options at 2.4/5 GHz.

These new multi-band products combine navigation with data transmission for the complete telematics solution. We understand communication is critical. These antennas are built to last, with IP67 weatherproof/UV protection. We also offer extensive ruggedized tamper proof and steelmounted studs and low profile options.

Frequencies Available
GPS, GNSS, LTE (MiMo), WiFi (MiMo or dual-band), ISM

Customize to Your Needs!
• Choose Family Type
• Choose Frequency
• Choose Cable Length
• Choose Connector

Multi-Band Products

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