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FirstNet teams up with 911 Community

Posted on July 2015

The future of public safety was the topic at hand at the National Number Association (NENA) Conference & Expo. NENA and FirstNet, the first high-speed nationwide wireless broadband network provider dedicated to public safety, are helping lead efforts that will transform public-safety communications. Improving emergency response is a key goal in this endeavor, where both FirstNet and NENA are seeking the enhancement of communications for first responders and public safety assistance.
The focus isn’t just regional either, it’s national. FirstNet and NENA want to bring broadband connectivity to both rural and remote areas, as well as urban. “It’s surprising to me how many people are unaware of this initiative”, says FirstNet Chairwoman Sue Swenson. “It’s obviously very important for the people in this country, and it’s always surprising to find out that people are not that aware of it.”

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