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Samsung patent could double battery life

Posted on July 2015

Samsung mobile may have found the way to a longer cell phone battery life, according to testing done by members of the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology and Energy Material Lab in Korea. According to their studies, silicon coating added to the traditional lithium-ion layer of the battery increased energy densities “from 1.5 to 1.8 times greater than current levels.”
Silicon is gaining attention in the technology world as the next-generation lithium-ion battery “because of its unparalleled gravimetric capacity,” according to the results published in Nature Communications.
Engineers in the mobile technology world have been relentlessly working on ways to prolong cell phone battery life, with little-to-no success. One success story, however, comes from Singapore, when Nanyang Technological Institute found a way to charge a dead battery up to 70% in less than two minutes.
More tests are needed before any technology hits the consumer market.

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