PCTEL to Offer Range of Antennas at ION GNSS+

Posted on January 2016

PCTEL’s GPS/GLONASS high-performance asset tracking and synchronization helix antennas are now available commercially. The antennas capture the frequencies needed for GPS, Galileo and GLONASS satellite reception. This cross-compatibility allows global OEMs to use one standard platform to serve both European and U.S. markets.

PCTEL will display its new IP67-rated GEO-GNSS antennas and other mobile and GPS antennas Sept. 16-17 at ION GNSS+, Booth #416.

PCTEL uses its proprietary filtering design to allow wideband coverage while achieving superior out-of-band rejection, the company said. The small form-factor helix antennas will withstand harsh environments.

“Customers expect PCTEL to solve challenging problems,” said Rishi Bharadwaj, PCTEL’s vice president and general manager, Connected Solutions. “We designed PCTEL’s GEO-GNSS series for complex asset tracking and network timing applications.”

For more information about PCTEL’s GEO-GNSS helix antennas, visit the PCTEL website.

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